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Affiliates have access to powerful marketing materials and tools, which can be used to effectively promote OpixTech and drive results. Let our marketing solutions help you increase your conversion rates today.

OpixTech Logo

Use our easy-to-use OpixTech logo inventory. Select your size, display it on your website, and begin earning.

Creative Custom Banners

Our promotional materials feature OpixTech's promotions, benefits, and brands.

Powerful Marketing Brochure

Use our brochure featuring OpixTech’s summary. Whether physical or digital, the information will be delivered.

Customizable Landing Page

Get access to our landing page templates and build your community via an easy-to-use platform. With OpixTech customizable landing pages you can modify the content and picture that can increase your conversion rate.

The information on this website is intended for OpixTech’s Affiliates Program only.